Saturday, 13 August 2016

returning and some

I've just realized that I've not been here since 2013, in fact I'd forgotten I ever started it but perhaps it's time to re learn how to do it.

Three years later I'm astounded by how much has changed in our miniature world and how I want to resist those changes. Then I have a go and I'm all exited again, I'm of the generation that says I'm not able to learn new things particularly with computers and want to brag I'm illiterate when it comes to that. What phooey, of course I can learn new things, I just have to learn how to read the instructions and, in desperate times, ask for help. Like many I know I look at a page of instructions and then read the first part of the first sentence and then automatically scan down diagonally to the last sentence avoiding all the details, then I say it's too complicated and don't make an attempt.

In class in Denmark I'm always amazed by the Norwegians because they astound me with another way of reading instructions. Everyone gets a series of worksheets but it's only the Norwegians who read all the way through from the first page till the last and then......this is the weird bit.......go back to page one and then pick up the clay and follow what I've suggested they do. It must be the way they get taught in school but it fascinates me how they can do it.

So, two years ago I was chatting to the fabulous Penny Thomson and she told me she'd set up an Etsy online shop, then confessed that her daughter had helped her. So, without a handy daughter around, I was never going to be able to do it. Till last Tuesday that is, I was about to go out and thought I'd just give myself ten minutes to see what it was all about. Ten minutes later I've nearly set it up and it was much easier that I'd ever projected - and that's my problem, projecting on a negative outcome - I came back later and finished setting it up. The next morning I took photographs of my work, learned how to upload - or should that be download? - them and started the store. Ten hours later the first figure sold, whoo it works! Went out the following morning to get the post box and bubble wrap to come home to find three more had sold. So had to go and get more boxes, yes, I know I could have checked the emails first but I didn't. Later three more had sold so I now have to take more pictures and put them on. is where you'll find it, there's some tweeking to do, but thanks to other miniaturists friends who are guiding me I'll get round to it and blow me it's such fun. Another chance to teach an old dog new tricks.


  1. Good on you Jamie. Mhh, I am one of those people who read instructions all the way through and then do them step by step, maybe it helps that I have a Norwegian sister in law.

  2. Congratulations Jamie. Your shop looks wonderful. Wishing you great success
    Patty Clark