Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Funny How...

Funny how you search for the answer to problems and then find it when you're not looking isn't it? I wanted to get the answer to painting the 1/24th scale faces with more character so went back to my old life and searched the web sites for character make up. I should heed my own warnings to others though and write down what I'm looking for and not allow myself to get sidetracked with 'oh that looks interesting' resulting in a search for fascinating snippets of information non of which are relevant to what I was looking for.
However this time I found a make up artist called Lars Carlsson, a Swedish artist of the old and new schools. There I found the solution and it's something I already knew in the past and had not thought of it for years....and I mean Years! It's a colour which I have on my pallet already but never thought to use 'there' and wow the difference it makes. What is it? Sorry that's a secret until my class at IGMA 2011.
Here's Miss Havisham, would be wonderful to see her decaying wedding cake in this scale
Kensington is coming up as Charlotte has just reminded us all this morning, thank you Charlotte I now have the image of dozens of makers going into a tail spin with all that work still to do. Experience should tell us all that it'll be fine but non of us ever believe that do we?
I'm feeling quite calm really much to my surprise added on to the fact that I've given up smoking and it's now three weeks. No I can't taste food any better, haven't got any more energy than I had and, yes, I've become slightly snappy at moments, but friends know that's always been there, so all in all nothing has changed except that I've got more time and that's the bonus. It's given me time to have some fun with figures. A good friend of mine, Arley Berryhill, was chatting on email just before Halloween and was saying about how popular witches are in America and had I ever done them. Now Arley does larger scale figures, sorry, fabulous larger scale figures, but he's intrigued by our scale and he suggest that I should do a witch getting dressed at her dressing table. Well we all like a challenge don't we? I had real fun doing this one....

She's called 'Every Witch Deserves Warts' she's had to buy hers because she can't seem to grow enough of her own.

But go to Arley's web site to be amazed at what he does. www.arleyberryhill.com and say Hi from me.