Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Up and Coming.

Here I am again, just over a month to go before the first fair of the year and I can't see the wood for the trees. OK so there are a range of figures nearly ready but now I can see the gaps and there's going to be no time to fill them. It would be so nice if this was the first time it's happened but we all know it's not. Must give Ann High a ring in the morning to see how much stock she's got done.

Still there's one or two that I'm really quite pleased with, just wait till I've taken pictures of them and I'll share them with you. June Cleaver was fun to do in half scale. Who the heck is June Cleaver you ask? Turns out she was a character in an American sitcom called Leave it to Beaver - really can't think we'd have got away with a title like that in England - wearing a full skirted shirtwaister, apron and pearls. Oh yeah just like my Mum. Friends over the water had just finished a 50s kitchen and challenged me to make the figure so I rose to it and had a go.

Oh yes I've got new lights for my stand too, 50 watt halogen lights that really reach are lightweight and have a wide angle. I really ought to put all the lamps I've bought over the years up on Ebay, I could probably retire on what I could make. But I'm just hoping that these are the final ones, it did take me fifteen years to come up with the stand I use nowadays so I suppose I should be patient.

Now it's time for bed, so good night and I hope your dreams give you great ideas for the morning.